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The Brand


The Robbie story starts from my early childhood, growing up on the east coast of Scotland, spending my time exploring in nature, swimming in the sea, and keeping active. Although I was blessed with a nurtured upbringing, I was a very shy and introverted child. Afraid to speak out in front of others, or just to be looked at gave me anxiety. I lacked confidence, had learning difficulties, and struggled throughout my early school years. I couldn’t understand how everyone else seemed to fit in.


My mum Annie was an inspiration in my life, and taught me how to overcome many of these insecurities. She engaged me in various sports camps, drama clubs and even Scottish dances! Anything to push me out of my comfort zone. But it was finally sport and art that led to a shift in my confidence. I found the combination of being physically active and creative really allowed me to express myself emotionally. This ultimately became the foundations for my brand.


I’ve been lucky enough to create a business devoted and designed to help your child grow in confidence on and off the sports filed, the same way I did.


My products, classes, workshops and one-to-one training are all part of developing a healthier, happier lifestyle for your child. You will become part of the Robbie story, but you will also create your own.

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