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About us.

Founded out of a love for health and wellbeing, the Fotheringham team represents a lifestyle of pursuing that goal. We help individuals lead healthier lives and form real habits that last a lifetime. Robbie is a well-established personal trainer, based in West London, with 10 years of experience in coaching not only adults, but their children too. Robbie lives an active lifestyle, who can't sit still. His love for fitness came from playing multiple sports, particularly rugby, where he pursued a career semi professionally playing in Italy and London. 

Jack, Robbie's younger brother, is also a personal trainer and teacher, when he isn't coaching; he's providing entertainment on our retreats, being the mildly eccentric and overly enthusiastic host, and if allowed; chef.  The Fotheringham brothers were brought up in Scotland and their business rings-true to their roots by focusing on holistic, wholesome and organic approaches to life that were instilled in them from a young age.

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